Up to date project

On this coming Tu Bishvat, we invite you to take part in our “Up To Date” initiative, offering both educational materials for a meaningful Holiday and a joint “Tiukun Olam” program including a donation of dates straight form our very own Medjool groves to the needy and hungry in Israel. 

This year, due to Covid-19, and the global need to prevent gatherings, we would like to make our project available to families, classroom, and congregation. We will send our virtual “Up to Date” kit directly to you.

 each 100 USD contribution you will be partnering with kibbutz YAHEL in a unique TIKUN OLAM venture. The proceeds will fund families and children how has been affected by COVID-19 and other population in need. 

Make this coming Tu Bishvat a meaningful holiday for your congregation, hope next year we will be bringing a sweet taste of Israel with “Up To Date”! all the way to you.


Contact us

PROGECT MANAGER: DANA LEVY (+972) 54 2143628